Here are the minimum requirements to get assistance from PC Help:

  • A working Internet connection in order to at least call us using the onsite Call button or chat through one of the available apps.
  • A working Internet connection, on the computer on which you need help, is preferable.
    You may call or chat with us from a different computer and in some cases we may provide valuable guidance and directives to assist you, based on experience and know-how. However, we may also come to a point where we would need to see the actual issue you experience on the affected computer in order to resolve it. We can achieve this by connecting remotely and see what you see on your computer screen while at the same time, communicating with you either through the online phone or by chat. The phone call button is the blue button floating on the left side of the screen. The chat window(s) also appears below. Please use either of those methods to contact us.
  • Prior to your call or chat session, your completed payment for a minimum of 1 hour of support service, or per promotional offers, if any.