Trouble with your PC? You need computer support?

Are you having trouble with your personal computer? Do you need computer support often? Hey, I do. I know how frustrating it can be when you want to view a quick email or check a message on Facebook, but the computer has something else in mind altogether like updating, misuse of some browser plugins, etc.

Well, here are some quick tips I found out that can help sometimes:

1- Reboot the computer. This often help when the computer freezes or stalls.

2- Restart the browser. When everything else seems to work fine but the browser, then restarting  just the browser can help.

3- I mentioned the browser above but the same applies to any particular software you are using.

4- Keep the computer up to date. You may often see alerts telling you to update a particular software or the entire operating system. It usually is a good idea to update – unless there is a particular issue you know about that may occur with specific updates.

So, these are basic tips but yet they help with lots of computer issues. Feel free to comment.

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